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Tom Parkinson-Morgan [Abbadon]: Interview with the Author (and Artist)

An interview with the creator of the web comic Kill Six Billion Demons, Tom Parkinson-Morgan

Episode Notes

David Whitechapel talks to comic creator Tom Parkinson-Morgan, also known as Abbadon, about his fantastic web comic, Kill Six Billion Demons.


(00:00) Introduction

(03:27) How far in advance is the story planned?

(10:47) Outlining and drafting

(16:30) How did KSBD begin?

(27:44) Artistic influences

(30:52) Western vs. Eastern storytelling

(35:53) The scriptural asides and where they came from

(40:46) How the mythic pantheon of KSBD came together

(47:55) The underlying philosophy of KSBD

(55:10) Examining the "Hero's Journey"

(01:09:40) Natural diversity in KSBD

(01:22:35) Tools, techniques, and the production process

(01:29:08) Designing new characters and settings

(01:31:54) Advice for new creators

(01:38:00) Rapid fire KSBD lore questions

(01:44:46) What's next after KSBD?

(01:55:04) A secret message?!

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